A Novel Approach; Accuparan

Accuparan proposed a Novel DLS that eliminates the current disadvantages.
Current DLS devices face many difficulties in assessing the size of highly diluted, and dense samples. The main reason for such problems is to reduce signal to noise ratio due to the high light exposure volume in conventional DLS techniques

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Previous challenges in measuring size distributions

Current DLS devices are not suitable for evaluating absorbent and dense samples. Due to the high exposure volume in conventional DLS techniques, they have a reduced signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) issue. Therefore, They cannot investigate heterogeneous, multiphase, containing bimodal samples. So, these problems inspired us to create Accuparan.

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A professional solution to a complex problem


We have used the most advanced exposure settings in Accuparan. We solved this problem by designing a dynamic laser exposure system and using deep learning algorithms. We use machine learning models to analyze the size distribution data

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The Benefits of using this product

Ability to measure the particle size distribution (PSD) of opaque, poly-disperse, absorbent samples

Scanning samples for investigating heterogeneous solutions

Multi-angle DLS (MADLS)

Use of machine learning and statistical methods in data analysis to improve accuracy

Reduction in the needed sample volume

Lower Cost

Product Description


Accuparan is a compact DLS instrument for particle sizing based on a novel optical approach to measure particles in the range of 1nm-5μm. A set of knowledge of optics, mechanics, electronics, software, and signal processing has been used in designing and manufacturing the device. Samples are placed inside the allocated part of the device, and measurement begins by illuminating a laser light on a colloidal sample. It efficiently suppresses multiple light scattering, so sample dilution is no longer required in most cases.

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